2021 Renewal and New Project Scores

July 20, 2021

HUD has not released the 2021 NOFA for Continuum of Care Funding. The PDF attached below reflects project scores for renewal and new projects and does not reflect a ranked list recommendation from the Project Review Panel. After HUD releases the 2021 NOFA, the Project Review Panel will reconvene to create a ranked list recommendation including recommended funding amounts to submit to the Alliance Board of Directors for a vote. 

An applicant may appeal their application score by submitting an appeal letter addressed to Troy O’Quin, Alliance Board Chair, and emailing that letter to nofa@suburbancook.org by Friday, July 30th at noon. The Executive Committee will decide the appeals on Tuesday, August 3rd, and applicants will be notified of their decision no later than Friday, August 6th.

If you would like to request a more detailed scoring tool for your project, please email Katie Spoden, CoC Planning Director, at katie@suburbancook.org. Please feel free to reach out to Katie with any questions via email or by phone at 708-240-9533.