HUD Releases the Continuum of Care NOFA

July 14, 2017

HUD released the 2017 Continuum of Care NOFA on July 14, and the Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County has set a timeline for the remainder of its local competition.  Please see the Revised Timeline.  The revised dates are those that fall below the large asterisk on the Timeline.

In particular, please note:

  • HUD has released a summary of important changes in this year's competition. Changes include expanded eligibility for Re-Housing and for Dedicated Plus projects. Also, project applicants are responsible for Consolidated Plan Certifications. Please carefully review these and other changes in the summary hereThe Alliance board has determined that all CH-dedicated projects should select the new Dedicated Plus category.
  • Many renewal and new projects will be recommended for an amount that differs from the applications they submitted in June. The review panel's recommended ranking list (including dollar amounts) will be posted to the Alliance NOFA website by 5pm on August 14.  See Below.
  • An application training is scheduled for August 23.
  • Project Deadline: Project applications must be submitted within esnaps by 5pm on August 29, and a PDF copy of the application must be sent to, also by this deadline. Remember, the applications you submitted in June were the local Alliance applications.  YOU STILL NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR 2017 HUD PROJECT APPLICATION in esnaps by the August 29 deadline in order for the Alliance to include your project in the consolidated application to HUD.
  • Please see other important dates on the Revised Timeline.

Remember to visit the Alliance NOFA website for important dates about the competition. The Alliance previously posted its ranking and scoring criteria in a May 30 announcement, which you can read here.