Homeless Management Information System

HMIS Critical Data Standards Changes, effective October 1, 2015

HUD has updated a few of the required fields in HMIS that we collect for all projects including an additional DV question, a reworking of the Chronic Homeless questions, required exit destination for all clients including children and further guidance on established fields.

With this upgrade there are also minor modification to SSVF, RHY and HOPWA assessments not included in the reference documents.  If additional clarification is required, please contact the HMIS team.  Click on Read More below, for attached reference documents.

2015 HIC & PIT Survey

HUD requires us to conduct a Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and a Point-in-Time (PIT) Count of sheltered homeless persons in Suburban Cook County on a specified date during the last ten days of January. If your agency provided shelter or housing, housing vouchers, motel vouchers or rapid re-housing assistance to homeless persons on the night of Wednesday, January 28, 2015, please complete the online 2015 Housing Inventory Count & Point-In-Time Count (HIC & PIT) by clicking on the link below.