Coordinated Entry (Phased Assessment) Documents

Document Type Date Posted

1. Overview and Checklist

pdf February 7, 2018

This provides an overview of the Coordinated Entry process for a client and includes a checklist that can be used to track a client through each stage of Coordinated Entry.

2. Safety Screening

pdf February 7, 2018

This assessment has a built in script to assess a client's safety in their current situation, whether the client feels their immediate priority is safety or housing/shelter.
Resources for referrals are also included.

3. Child and Family Needs Assessment

pdf February 7, 2018

For households where minor children are present, this assessment includes specific questions about pregnant or parenting clients and their children.

4. Vulnerability Assessment

pdf February 7, 2018

This includes the CE VI-SPDAT Consent Form and the Determination of Vulnerability and Acuity. It does NOT include the actual VI-SPDAT.

5. Eligibility Verification

pdf February 7, 2018

This walks Case Managers through verifying a client's eligibility and includes the Chronic Homelessness Documentation checklists and Verification for documenting Disability, Veteran Status, Income and a Client's Identity as well as key contact information for the client and staff.

6. Housing Needs, Barriers and Preferences Assessment

pdf February 7, 2018

This assesses a client or household's housing needs including where a client prefers to live (by North, West and South regions), type of housing the client will need and barriers to housing specific to the client or household.

7. Housing Stabilization Plan

pdf February 7, 2018

This document is where Housing Case Managers can record emergency contact information and a supportive services assessment looking at a client's health, employment, income and other open ended questions for clients about relationships, etc..

All 7 Coordinated Entry Documents Zip File

zip February 7, 2018

This is a zipped archive of all 7 Coordinated Entry Documents from above.

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