Youth Action Board Rises to the Challenge!

We completed the 100 Day Challenge!

Youth Action Board

Over the course of 100 days, the Suburban Cook County team:

  • Connected 111 individuals to safe and stable housing! This includes 79 transition-aged youth and 32 of their children
  • Continuously increased the number of young people on the active list, demonstrating the success of our increased outreach efforts
  • Engaged 10+ school districts in conversations about identifying students experiencing homelessness, connecting them to CoC resources, and implementing the Homeless Student’s Bill
  • Assessed 95% of the backlog in transition-aged youth assessments

We created a lot of “new normals” for how we engage young people experiencing homelessness and we look forward to what’s next on our journey to end youth homelessness in Suburban Cook County.

You can help us maintain this momentum in the following ways:

  • Schedule a meeting with your school district superintendent to discuss HB261: Homeless Student’s Bill (view the HB261 toolkit here)
  • Sign Letters of Agreement to support our application for HUD’s Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) grant
  • Participate on the Youth Committee
  • Distribute our new youth outreach poster
  • Get staff trained in youth and LGBTQ competency
  • Assess all TAY with the TAY VI-SPDAT